2017 Award Recipients

Name Affiliation/Title Award
Henry D. Abraham Med '67 Distinguished Alumnus
Jacqueline M. Akinpelu Engr '90 Heritage
Rebecca A. Aslakson BSPH '13 Distinguished Alumnus
Richard Axel Med '71 Global Achievement
Deborah J. Baker Nurs '92, '97, '11 Heritage
Sanju Bansal Engr '90 Distinguished Alumnus
Stefan Baral BSPH '07, Bus '07 Outstanding Recent Grad
Richard G. Bennett Med '82, PFG '87 Heritage
Marquett Burton Ed '11 Outstanding Recent Grad
Esther L. Bush Ed '78 Distinguished Alumnus
Carlos Castillo-Salgado BSPH '81, '88, Faculty Distinguished Alumnus
Po-Ya Chang BSPH '74 Woodrow Wilson
Ruben del Prado BSPH '88 Global Achievement
John DeMaggio Engr '94 Woodrow Wilson
Marie Diener-West BSPH '84 Heritage
Nathaniel J. Dominy A&S '98 Distinguished Alumnus
Robert R. Duncan A&S '71 Heritage
Robert Ford SAIS '83, A&S '80 Woodrow Wilson
Martin E. Fraenkel SAIS '84, SAIS-Bol '83 Distinguished Alumnus
Wesley C. Fredericks, Jr. A&S '70 Heritage
Laura Garcia Nurs '10, '14 Outstanding Recent Grad
Melissa Garcia Ed '13 Community Hero (renamed Community Champion)
Nancy E. Glass Nurs '94, '96, Faculty Distinguished Alumnus
Mariale A. Hardiman Ed '04, Faculty Heritage
Sarah Hemminger Engr '02, Med '10 Community Hero (renamed Community Champion)
Melissa Hyatt Ed '09 Woodrow Wilson
Karl V. Krammer SAIS-Bol '80 Heritage
Donald A. Kurz A&S '77 Heritage
Kyun Hee (Ken) Lee Engr '05, BSPH '08, '13 Outstanding Recent Grad
John A. Lepper SAIS '59 Woodrow Wilson
Deborah A. Levy BSPH '97 Distinguished Alumnus
Meghan E. Lopez Nurs '07, '10 Global Achievement
Stephen P. Mahinka A&S '71 Distinguished Alumnus
Nikolas Matthes BSPH '98 Distinguished Alumnus
David Narrow Engr '13 Outstanding Recent Grad
Wendy Osefo A&S '09 Outstanding Recent Grad
Jane Oski Med '91, BSPH '09 Community Hero (renamed Community Champion)
James Peters Ed '06 Community Hero (renamed Community Champion)
Kenneth J. Pienta Med '86, A&S '83, Med Faculty Distinguished Alumnus
Marvin A. Riley Bus '02 Distinguished Alumnus
Ashutosh K. Roy Engr '89 Distinguished Alumnus
David K. Schmalzer Engr '64, '65 Heritage
Christine R. Schmitz Peab '75 Heritage
Steven P. Schulman Med '81 Distinguished Alumnus
Dorry L. Segey Med '96, BSPH '09 Distinguished Alumnus
Paul Sekyere-Nyantakyi Med '97 Global Achievement
Gregg Semenza Med PGF '90, Faculty Heritage
Elizabeth A. Small Med '77 Distinguished Alumnus
Donald M. Steinwachs BSPH '73 Heritage
Meng Su Peab '09, '11, '15 Outstanding Recent Grad
William Tiefenwerth Former Homewood Administration Community Hero (renamed Community Champion)
Daniel W. Webster BSPH '91 Distinguished Alumnus
Yuchen Yao and Guoguo Chen A&S '14, Engr '13, '15 Outstanding Recent Grad
Chen-yu Yen Engr '83 Heritage
Hao Yu Bus '12 Outstanding Recent Grad

If you know of anyone who is deserving of an award, please complete our Nomination Form. Forms may be completed online, faxed to 410-516-6858 or mailed to: JHU Alumni Awards, 3400 North Charles Street, San Martin Center, 2nd Floor, Baltimore, Maryland, 21218-2696. The deadline for nominations is Dec. 1.

NOTE: You will need Adobe 9 to electronically submit this application. If you do not have Adobe 9 you can get a free download here.