Alumni Student Ambassadors

"ASA has given me an opportunity to see what it means to be an active member of the alumni community and truly understand how important their interactions with the school are for our undergraduate student body."
- Hudson Van Slooten, ChemBE '16

About ASA

The Alumni Student Ambassadors are a diverse group of students who possess strong leadership, public speaking, and interpersonal skills. This group was established in 2007 to strengthen the relationship between current students and alumni of Johns Hopkins University. Ambassadors serve as the student voice of the University to a variety of external and internal constituents. These students have the opportunity to meet and interact with alumni, trustees, and university administrators while actively participating in Alumni Relations activities.

The ASA have participated in events on the Homewood Campus, throughout the Baltimore area, and in various cities throughout the United States, including the following events:

•    Student Send-off Parties
•    Convocation
•    Young Alumni Weekend
•    Dedication ceremonies
•    Fundraising events
•    Rising to the Challenge
•    Baltimore Chapter events
•    Alumni Weekend
•    Commencement

The Ambassadors staff events and serve in a variety of capacities. Some examples of ASA roles include: providing a student perspective in committee meetings, engaging alumni in conversations at receptions, sharing student experiences at Homewood with alumni and friends of the university, and serving as greeters at other events.

Work with ASA

If you would like a Student Ambassador to attend your event, please complete the Student Ambassador Request Form.

Interested in becoming an ASA?

Please email Annie Koogle at


For any questions regarding ASA, please email Annie Koogle

Rosina Beritela, A&S '24

Daniel Galvez, A&S ‘24

Tanner Gladson, Engr ‘24

Jaime Martinez, A&S ‘24

Veric Tan, Engr ‘24

Isabella Zuccaroli, A&S ‘24

Arthur Wang, Engr ‘24

Amira Rady, A&S ‘24

Isabella Lelis, A&S ‘24

Isabella Madruga, A&S '24

Nelson Shi, Engr '24

Jessica Yu, A&S '24

Casey Brody, A&S ‘25

Alexis Holewinski, A&S ‘25

Sabrina Li, A&S ‘25

Charlie Margulies, Engr ‘25

Emily Baca, A&S '25

Jerome Shangold, KSAS ‘25

Jenny Chen, A&S '25

Reygenald Del Rosario Ines, A&S '25

Willa Farrell, A&S '25

Brianna Francis, A&S '25

Krystal Lan, Engr '25

Neal Lim, A&S '25

Manning MacAvoy, Engr '25

Corina Mills, A&S '25

Ema Nakayama, A&S '25

Oliver Nguyen, A&S '25

Micaela Rodriguez Steube, A&S '25

Emma Rose, A&S '25

Emily Tesone, A&S '25

Rita Tsapatsis, WSE '25

Cameron Fields, A&S '26

Mason Holmes, Engr '26

Leah Keefe, A&S '26

Dahlia Krebs, Engr '26

Callie LaValle, A&S '26

Christopher Lee, A&S '26

Jennifer Lin, A&S '26

Karen Linares Mendoza, A&S '26

Lana Milman, A&S '26

Solana Postma, A&S '26

Will Taggart, A&S '26

Adam Tobin-Williams, Engr '26

Tom Wang, A&S '26

Tovia Woods, Engr '26