2013 Award Recipients

Name Affiliation/Title Award
B. Michael Baltzell Engr ’71 Distinguished Alumnus
Julia G. Bolton Nurs ’61 Distinguished Alumnus
Cyrus Y. Engineer SPH ’03, '07 (DrPh) Knowledgefor the World
Abdul Ghaffar SPH ’01 (PhD) Knowledgefor the World
Charles Goldstein Engr '68 (PhD) Heritage
William S. Greenberg A&S '64 Woodrow Wilson
Carol W. Greider Med Faculty Heritage
Polly L. Hanson Ed '96 (MS) Woodrow Wilson
David B. Hellmann Med ’77 Distinguished Alumnus
Alison A. Hill SPH ’08, Bus '08 (MBA) Outstanding Recent Grad
F. Norman Hillis III Engr ’56 Distinguished Alumnus
Karen N. Horn A&S ’72 Distinguished Alumnus
Ralph H. Hruban Med '85 Distinguished Alumnus
Samuel H. Huleatt Bus ’08 Outstanding Recent Grad
Mark  Jacobson SPH ’82 (MD/MPH) Knowledgefor the World
Richard T. Johnson Med Faculty Heritage
Nicholas P. Jones Engr Dean Heritage
Steven M. Lascher SPH ’96, '08 (PhD) Heritage
Ross S. Margolies A&S '80 Heritage
Raymond S. Martin SPH ’85(MPH) Knowledgefor the World
Raymond "Chip" A. Mason University Trustee Heritage
Audrey C. McCallum Peab ’60, '67 Heritage
Redonda G. Miller Med ’92, Bus '04 Distinguished Alumnus
Frank B. Murray A&S ’61 (MAT), '66 (PhD) Distinguished Alumnus
Khurram  Nasir SPH ’01, Med '07 (PGF) Distinguished Alumnus
Irvin B. Nathan A&S ’64 Woodrow Wilson
David G. Nichols Bus ’00, Med Faculty Heritage
Patrick W. O’Carroll Med ’83, SPH '83 Distinguished Alumnus
Neilesh S. Patel Engr ’03 Outstanding Recent Grad
Arthur M. Rubin SAIS ’92 Distinguished Alumnus
Daniel S. Salmon SPH ’03 (PhD) Outstanding Recent Grad
Solomon H. Snyder Med '68 (HS) Knowledgefor the World
Michael A. Straus Peab ’07 (MM, MM) Outstanding Recent Grad
James M. Tielsch SPH ’79, '83 (PhD) Knowledgefor the World
Crystal C. Watkins Med ’03 (MD/PhD) Outstanding Recent Grad
Bertram S. Winchester Engr '52 Heritage
Owens  Wiwa SPH ’98 (MD/MPH) Knowledgefor the World
Laurie  Zabin SPH ’80 Heritage


If you know of anyone who is deserving of an award, please complete our Nomination Form. Forms may be completed online, faxed to 410-516-6858 or mailed to: JHU Alumni Awards, 3400 North Charles Street, San Martin Center, 2nd Floor, Baltimore, Maryland, 21218-2696. The deadline for nominations is Dec. 1.


NOTE: You will need Adobe 9 to electronically submit this application. If you do not have Adobe 9 you can get a free download here.