2015 Award Recipients

Name Affiliation/Title Award
Andrew Albstein A&S ’78 Heritage
Robert Babb A&S ’77 Distinguished Alumnus
Joanne Berger-Sweeney BSPH ’89 Distinguished Alumnus
Kenneth I. Berns Med ’66, A&S ’60, ’64 Distinguished Alumnus
Grace Brush Engr Faculty Heritage
Charles S. Bryan Med ’67, A&S ’64 Distinguished Alumnus
Peter D. Byeff Med ’74 Heritage
Hannah K. Carter Med ’12 Outstanding Recent Grad
Robert Clayton A&S ’84 Heritage
Jared Cohon Engr Faculty Heritage
Matthew S. Daimler Engr ’99 Distinguished Alumnus
David T. Fuhrmann SAIS ’82 Heritage
Marvin J. Garbis Engr ’58 Woodrow Wilson
Dr. Sheldon and Saralynn Glass Ed ’66, Ed ’72, ’77 Heritage
Julie E. Goodman BSPH ’00, ’02 Distinguished Alumnus
Arielle Goren A&S ’05 Outstanding Recent Grad
Wilda M. Heiss Peab ’62, ’64 Heritage
Donald A. Henderson BSPH ’60 Heritage
Elmer E. Huerta BSPH ’92 Distinguished Alumnus
Prerna M. Khanna BSPH ’96 Global Achievement
Kenneth K.  Lam Peab ’07 Global Achievement
Wei-Ping A. Lee Med ’83, Med Faculty Distinguished Alumnus
Penn Lupovich A&S '58 Heritage
Howard Mandel A&S ’77 Distinguished Alumnus
Joseph Manko Ed ’04, ’07 Outstanding Recent Grad
Anne B. McKusick Med ’50 Heritage
Jenny G. Morgan Bus ’86 Distinguished Alumnus
John J. Moriarty A&S ’72 Distinguished Alumnus
Laura L. Morlock BSPH Faculty, A&S ’73 Heritage
Patricia Morton Nurs ’77 Distinguished Alumnus
Luke C. Mullany BSPH ’02, ’05 Global Achievement
Vicente Navarro BSPH ’69 Global Achievement
Tolbert G. Nyenswah BSPH ’12 Outstanding Recent Grad
Drew M. Pardoll Med ’82, A&S ’77 Distinguished Alumnus
Michael C. Perkinson Bus ’09, SAIS ’97 Global Achievement
Ronald R. Peterson A&S ’70 Distinguished Alumnus
William A. Reinsch A&S ’68, SAIS ’69 Woodrow Wilson
Angel Ruiz BUS '83 Distinguished Alumnus
R. Bradley Sack BSPH ’68 Global Achievement
John W. Schott A&S ’62 Heritage
Donald F. Schwarz Med ’81, BSPH ’82 Woodrow Wilson
Ellen K. Silbergeld  BSPH Faculty, Engr ’72  Distinguished Alumnus
Alfred Sommer  BSPH ’73  Heritage
Herbert Strauss  Bus ’00, ’02  Woodrow Wilson
Robert C. White  Ed ’96  Woodrow Wilson
Gregory Wiseman  Engr ’06  Distinguished Alumnus


If you know of anyone who is deserving of an award, please complete our Nomination Form. Forms may be completed online, faxed to 410-516-6858 or mailed to: JHU Alumni Awards, 3400 North Charles Street, San Martin Center, 2nd Floor, Baltimore, Maryland, 21218-2696. The deadline for nominations is Dec. 1.


NOTE: You will need Adobe 9 to electronically submit this application. If you do not have Adobe 9 you can get a free download here.