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OneHop Alumni, our online alumni directory and networking platform, is your one stop for career, community & connection. Learn more, here.

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Class Notes

View Class Notes shared by your fellow JHU alumni or share your own personal and professional news with a Class Note in Johns Hopkins Magazine.

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Social sharing is everywhere, within and beyond Hopkins.  Connect with fellow Hopkins alumni through various social media channels


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The Hub

At the Hub, you might read about cutting-edge cancer research or deep-trench diving vehicles or bionic arms. About the psychology of hoarders or the delicate work of restoring ancient manuscripts or the mad motor-skills brilliance of a guy who can solve a Rubik's Cube in under eight seconds.

There's no telling what you'll find on the Hub because there's no way of knowing what Johns Hopkins will do next. But when it happens, the Hub is where you'll find it.

Johns Hopkins Magazine

Published four times a year, Johns Hopkins Magazine was conceived in 1950 to give readers intellectual nourishment, and over the years has featured thought-provoking and sometimes controversial articles on topics ranging from particle physics to student unrest. View the most recent issue online or submit a class note today.