2016 Award Recipients

Name Affiliation/Title Award
Cresenciol Arcos SAIS '72 Global Achievement
Alexis Bakos Nurs '00 Woodrow Wilson
Abbey and Rani Bang BSPH '81 Distinguished Alumnus
Michael Berkow Ed '00 Global Achievement
Rosalyn Bullock Friend Heritage
Carol Cannon Peab '67 Heritage
Antonio Correia de Campos BSPH '78 Woodrow Wilson
James Cricchi Engr '60 Distinguished Alumnus
Kevin Davis Ed '13 Woodrow Wilson
William Day Jr. Engr '66 Heritage
Shereef Elnahal A&S '07 Outstanding Recent Grad
Mindy Farber A&S '74 Heritage
Robert H. Fisher Engr '70 Heritage
David Frey SAIS '95 Distinguished Alumnus
Jessica Gartner Ed '11 Outstanding Recent Grad
Jessica Gill Nurs '07 Distinguished Alumnus
Diane Griffin BSPH Faculty Heritage
Arthur Grollman Med '59 Distinguished Alumnus
Hamam Hadi BSPH '97 Global Achievement
Robert Hall Engr '55 Distinguished Alumnus
Kaci Hickox Nurs '11 Outstanding Recent Grad
Norden Huang Engr '67 Distinguished Alumnus
Thomas Inui BSPH '74, Med '69 Distinguished Alumnus
Jeffrey Juger A&S '07 Outstanding Recent Grad
Stuart Kahl Ed '74, A&S '70 Distinguished Alumnus
Lilly Kan BSPH '07 Outstanding Recent Grad
Natalie Kauffman Ed '85 Heritage
Albert Koenders SAIS '81 Woodrow Wilson
Jason Kravitt A&S '69 Distinguished Alumnus
Jackie Lavigne BSPH '00 Distinguished Alumnus
Jay L. Lenrow A&S '73 Heritage
Peter Li Engr '11 Outstanding Recent Grad
Kung-Yee Liang BSPH Faculty Heritage
Mark Markham Peab '84, '86, '91, Faculty Distinguished Alumnus
William Nelson Med '87, Faculty Distinguished Alumnus
Sara O'Rourke SAIS '13 Outstanding Recent Grad
David Paige BSPH '69 and Faculty Heritage
Mark Paris Peab '84 Heritage
Walter Pinkard, Jr. Med Trustee Heritage
Caitlin Reed BSPH '09 Global Achievement
Amy Scharf A&S '90 Heritage
Phyllis Schneck Engr '93 Woodrow Wilson
Keerti Shah BSPH '57, '63 Global Achievement
Phyllis Bryn-Julson and
Donald Sutherland
Peab Faculty Heritage
Moyses Szklo BSPH '72, '74 Distinguished Alumnus
Thomas Tesluk SAIS '82 Heritage
Vincent Vilasi Bus '04 Distinguished Alumnus
Keith West BSPH '79, '87, Faculty Global Achievement
Hugh Wolff Peab '77 Distinguished Alumnus
Samuel Yeh BSPH '60 Distinguished Alumnus
Yusheng Zhang BSPH '09, Bus '09 Outstanding Recent Grad

If you know of anyone who is deserving of an award, please complete our Nomination Form. Forms may be completed online, faxed to 410-516-6858 or mailed to: JHU Alumni Awards, 3400 North Charles Street, San Martin Center, 2nd Floor, Baltimore, Maryland, 21218-2696. The deadline for nominations is Dec. 1.

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