Other Alumni Groups

Affiliated Groups

JHU Pride
Research. World. Community. Excellence. Those are the words heard most when Hopkins was described by faculty, staff, students, alumni, trustees, and people from all corners of the university. This page serves JHU's LGBTQIA Alumni Community.

Society of Black Alumni
Established in 1995, the Society of Black Alumni (SOBA) — an organization of approximately 300 members — seeks to create an environment that facilitates the development of black students into productive and contributing alumni. Committed to encouraging diversity at the university, it offers mentoring and networking opportunities to alumni.

First Women of Johns Hopkins
In September of 1970, 90 women broke a 94-year tradition and entered Hopkins as undergraduates.

School Alumni Groups

Arts and Sciences Second Decade Society
Established in 1989, as the School of Arts and Sciences’ leadership development organization, the Second Decade Society seeks to develop the School’s future alumni leadership, improve the student experience, advance the School, and promote interaction between alumni and students. SDS members, all of whom are in their second decade since graduation, serve as role models and resources for students and act as leaders in advancing the School.

Society of Engineering Alumni (SEA)
Created in 1992, SEA provides engineering alumni an opportunity to becoming involved with the G.W.C. Whiting School of Engineering. Through the work of the SEA Council and its four standing committees, SEA addresses issues such as established student summer internships, fostering relationships between students and alumni, and developing better communications with engineering alumni.

Carey Business School Dean’s Alumni Advisory Board
The Alumni Advisory Board works to strengthen the relationship between the school and its alumni community by providing valuable insight to the School—drawing on members’ past and current educational and professional experiences. Board members engage and invest in the life and activities of the School through feedback on new initiatives, services, alumni programs and volunteer opportunities; support of mentoring programs, internship and permanent placement, career services programs, professional development opportunities and academic projects and presentations; and philanthropic support and efforts.

Bloomberg School of Public Health Society of Alumni
The Society of Alumni brings together graduates of the School of Public Health in fellowship and common purpose and offers professional enrichment through continuing education, programs and outreach. The Society of Alumni is represented worldwide by regional public health chapters and alumni of the School live and work in more than 120 countries around the world. A global electronic link for graduates has been established for the purpose of networking, joint research and friendship.

School of Education Alumni Activities
The School of Education offers many alumni volunteer opportunities from advisory boards to networks and more.  Check out their volunteer page for more information.

The Johns Hopkins Medicine Alumni Association
The Johns Hopkins Medical and Surgical Association (JHM&SA) is the alumni organization of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. Members include alumni of the medical school, alumni of the house staff, current and former post-doctoral fellows, and faculty of the School of Medicine.

JHM&SA is a nonprofit organization with a mission that includes bringing members together for educational and scientific purposes. In keeping with this objective, the Association holds the Biennial Meeting comprising a variety of presentations, lectures and seminars. There is also ample opportunity for social exchange among members, within departments, for alumni celebrating reunions and with current students.

In addition to coordinating the "Homecoming" weekend, the Association awards scholarship and financial assistance to various student, fellow and house staff groups in the School of Medicine, and in support of the alumni magazine, Hopkins Medicine.

The Johns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumni Association (JHNAA)
The Nurses’ Alumni Association has from its inception fostered a tenacious loyalty to John Hopkins and a deep commitment to the School of Nursing. The Association was instrumental in advocating university affiliation for the School of Nursing. The nursing alumni today number over 6,000 and their support remains a critical factor in the success of the School of Nursing. Hopkins nurses are visible in all areas of health care delivery, including local, state and national governmental agencies, and private and public health care systems.

The Johns Hopkins Real Estate Alumni Forum
The mission of the Johns Hopkins Real Estate Alumni Forum is to support the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School Edward St. John Real Estate Program objectives in teaching, research and community service. Formal activities include industry expert discussions, property tours, and professional education

The Society of Peabody Alumni
The Society of Peabody Alumni Association is comprised of 17 elected alumni members, and honorary members consisting of past presidents and past alumni directors of Peabody. The organization meets four to five times a year on the Peabody campus to discuss the activities of the standing committees: Awards, Marketing, Membership and Alumni Programs, Strategic Planning and Finance, Student Life, and Nominating.

School of Advanced International Studies Alumni Communities
The Office of Development Alumni Relations at SAIS provides effective communication and meaningful experiences for SAIS alumni to engage them with the school. SAIS Alumni Relations partners with career services, admissions, student services and the annual fund to provide the framework for collaborative alumni engagement built around the establishment of strong regionally-based SAIS alumni clubs and a central SAIS Alumni Leadership Forum.