2014 Award Recipients

Name Affiliation/Title Award
Koki Agarwal SPH '94 Distinguished Alumnus
Zuill Bailey Peab '94 Distinguished Alumnus
Keira N. Wickliffe Berger Nurs '05, '09 Outstanding Recent Grad
John S. Butler Ed '07 Global Achievement
Andrew G. Cappucino Engr '84 Distinguished Alumnus
Mirai Chatterjee SPH '85 Global Achievement
Aneesh Chopra A&S '94 Woodrow Wilson
Neil L. Cohen Engr '83 Heritage
Mark Cudek Peab '82 Global Achievement
Walter Ettinger, Jr. Med ’78 Distinguished Alumnus
Esta de Fossard-Nelson SPH Faculty Heritage
Alan E. Freeland A&S '61 Distinguished Alumnus
Hector H. Garcia SPH '02 Global Achievement
Taylor A. Hanex Peab '75, '78 Heritage
Chih-Ming Ho Engr '74 Global Achievement
Marc Hochberg Med '73 Distinguished Alumnus
Leroy E. Hood Med '64 Global Achievement
Frank L. Hurley SPH '71 Heritage
Heon-Jae Jeong SPH '12 Outstanding Recent Grad
Rita R. Kalyani Med '03 Outstanding Recent Grad
Kaumudi Kapoor Bus '97 Distinguished Alumnus
Alice M. Kiger Nurs '64 Global Achievement
Karungari "Karusa" Kiragu-Gikonyo SPH '91 Distinguished Alumnus
Franklin W. Knight A&S Faculty Heritage
Cathy L. Lanier Ed '04 Woodrow Wilson
Robert S. Lawrence SPH Faculty Heritage
Huan-Ying Li BSPH '52 Distinguished Alumnus
Lynne G. Maxwell Med '73 Heritage
Yasmene L. Mumby Ed '10 Outstanding Recent Grad
Remington L. Nevin SPH '04 Outstanding Recent Grad
Olugbenga O. Obasanjo SPH '96, '99 Distinguished Alumnus
Keith L. Oberg SAIS '77 Distinguished Alumnus
Matthew S. Polk A&S '71 Distinguished Alumnus
Richard "Craig" Postlewaite SPH '87 Woodrow Wilson
Aviva Ron SPH '68, '71 Global Achievement
Bill and Shirley Salisbury SAIS '67, '72 Heritage
Mark S. Schlissel Med '86 Distinguished Alumnus
Zhengda Shen Bus '05 Outstanding Recent Grad
Shobha Singh A&S '57 Global Achievement
Julie A. Sosa  Med '94  Distinguished Alumnus
Irving J. Taylor  A&S '39  Heritage
Bert Vogelstein  Med '74  Global Achievement
Gary Wei Wang  Engr '91  Distinguished Alumnus
James L. Winter  A&S '70  Heritage
David P. Yaffe  A&S '74  Heritage


If you know of anyone who is deserving of an award, please complete our Nomination Form. Forms may be completed online, faxed to 410-516-6858 or mailed to: JHU Alumni Awards, 3400 North Charles Street, San Martin Center, 2nd Floor, Baltimore, Maryland, 21218-2696. The deadline for nominations is Dec. 1.


NOTE: You will need Adobe 9 to electronically submit this application. If you do not have Adobe 9 you can get a free download here.