Women Owned

Nano PharmaSolutions

Nano PharmaSolutions use a proven and proprietary vacuum deposition technique to take approved drugs and increase their solubility and absorption by orders of magnitude. We are creating a clear and de-risked platform for low solubility small molecules.


What Upsilon stands for:
• Provide an alternative non-hormonal LARC (Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive)
solution to women globally, regardless of socioeconomic status or region of the
• Easily accessible
• Less painful, easier insertion/removal
• Fewer adverse effects
• Inert, leave in longer than 5 years (current IUD lifespan) since no active component
• Cheaper to manufacture and purchase
The Upsilon IUD provides individuals with more contraceptive options and power to

Tipping Point Strategists

We're a consulting company dealing with the company's most valuable assets: leadership, teams and culture. If you want to
1) improve your leadership's performance, 2) reduce employee turnover and increase employee happiness, 3) mitigate your business risks and increase your profits, we can help.

We offer executive leadership coaching, team coaching, webinars, workshops, retreats, and accountability programs focused on improving leadership skills, team cohesiveness and engagement, and company culture.

alternative OATS

Alternative OATS is founded on the principle of offering a delicious, all natural and filling breakfast that is not only convenient but keeps you full until lunch. We don’t chase fad diet trends, cut corners or advertise anything other than what we offer: pure, simple ingredients combined to make the most delicious and nutritionally complete breakfast on the market. OATMEAL REIMAGINED.

Maza Media

Maza Media provides high quality voiceovers to clients, whether for online video content, eLearning, or commercials.
I apply my experience in project management to audio projects, which results in an understanding of clients' needs and an attention to detail.

Oogtech AI

In today's world, nearly 700 million people are at risk for diabetes, out of which 200 million will be diagnosed with retinopathic complications. To help mitigate this problem, we develop a smartphone-based telemedicine App and web platform for home-based monitoring of diabetic retinopathy. Our solution is powered by AI-driven deep learning algorithms to distinguish between referable and non-referable patients needing to access ophthalmic care. Furthermore, we apply machine learning techniques to understand trends and make predictions about patient health trajectory.