Mike Bernard

Mike Bernard is a long-time supporter of civil rights and social action. He was an active volunteer for Marylanders for Marriage Equality; a coalition of advocacy organizations that led the effort to defeat a referendum against the Civil Marriage Protection Act that was passed by the Maryland legislature in 2012, making Maryland was one of the first of three US states where voters affirmed a law allowing equal access to marriage for couples of any sexual orientation.

Mike co-founded and still administers the "Marriage Equality Information Exchange - Maryland" Facebook group to motivate group members to participate in advocacy for the act in their areas of the state. The membership has grown to over 1600 people. He continues to share stories of advocacy for equal marriage in other US states and around the world, as well as efforts by opponents to block or repeal such rights to foster awareness and advocacy.

He has been the Academic Program Administrator at Johns Hopkins University since 2002 and earned his Interdisciplinary Studies/Social Sciences degree from the Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business in 2009. Serving as a liaison between students, faculty, the Whiting School of Engineering and the University, he has been awarded the Staff Service Award which recognizes outstanding service and advocacy.