International Community Representatives

The purpose of International Representatives:

To help engage the international alumni population in your area by gathering them on a consistent basis and by serving as a resource to residents, visitors and other university constituents.

Selection criteria for International Representatives:

  1. You must be a graduate of one of the nine schools of Johns Hopkins University (JHU).
  2. You must have a primary address in the country you are representing. Ideally, you must live there for at least six months of each year.
  3. Your country must have a minimum of 100 JHU alumni residents.

Responsibilities of International Representatives:

  1. Organize a minimum of one event each calendar year for the local alumni population.
  2. Serve as a resource for alumni within your community.  This may include connecting alumni, parents and students and welcoming new alumni to your country.
  3. Serve as a point of contact for the university and the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association (JHAA) for events or programs held within your country.
  4. Maintain communication with your staff liaison in the Office of Alumni Relations (OAR).
  5. Maintain accurate contact information with the Office of Alumni Relations.
  6. Allow your name and email address to be listed on your community’s webpage.

Support provided to International Representatives by the Office of Alumni Relations:

  1. A list of local alums and their emails will be provided to you upon completion of a confidentiality form.
  2. A webpage for your region will be created on the JHAA webpage and will be managed by the OAR team.
  3. You will have a staff liaison within the Office of Alumni Relations that can assist you with registering and promoting your events

Time Commitment:

International engagement plays an extremely important part in providing a life-long connection to JHU. For a small investment of time, you can make a major difference within your region’s alumni community.  The amount of time you commit to this volunteer position is largely up to you.  To meet the minimum responsibilities may only take a few hours throughout the year.  However, if you choose to plan more gatherings, manage a social media page, or work with a small committee, it could take additional time.