Hot Spotting: Healthcare's Solution or Too Good To Be True?

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JHU Geeks Rock! & Healthcare Affinity

High cost patients, often called “super utilizers” of the system, are said to drive up the cost of healthcare for everyone, with repeat emergency room visits and long hospital stays. Research has shown in some areas that this 1% of the population can sometimes account for up to 30% of healthcare costs. A new healthcare model, Hot Spotting, was created to provide better healthcare to the neediest in the system—using technology and data mining to deliver more focused and holistic care and as a result reduce healthcare costs. But does it really work?

Are patients receiving more meaningful and effective care and are costs truly positively impacted broadly? Is this a new structure which can revolutionize the healthcare system completely or is it a passing trend?

Our presenters will share their stories and professional experiences with “Hot Spotting”, tackle some of those difficult questions and set the stage for a lively discussion with the audience.

Guest Speakers:

Bradley Herring, PhD

Scott Afzal

Gerard Anderson, PhD

Patricia Isennock, MS, BSN, NEA-BC, RN-BC, MCHES

Elise Andrews, MA