New York, NY - Facts Machine LIVE! A Halloween Trivia Podcast Featuring Noah Guiberson (A&S '15)

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Sponsored by Hopkins New York Chapter and the Arts, Entertainment, Media, and Entrepreneurship Affinity

Join us for Facts Machine LIVE!, a live episode of the trivia podcast you'll come to know and love! The podcast is all about the surprising science behind your favorite Halloween stories and traditions with a special ghost, er, guest thrown in! Your registration fee includes admission and your first drink! Take our word for it, this night will be spook-tacular! 

Facts Machine is a podcast by and for people who are curious about everything - but especially the things that make them laugh. As scientists who moonlight as pub trivia hosts, it’s their job to be curious about interesting questions and to be motivated to search for answers. Accordingly, their podcast asks and answers questions like: Why is the nation of Finland rising out of the ocean? What is the legal definition of a cookie? Why were the Apollo 16 astronauts so gassy? And which animals just really suck? In each episode of Facts Machine, they explore questions like these by sharing and discussing three fascinating facts and one pub-style trivia quiz, all loosely inspired by the episode’s theme (and accompanied by more than their fair share of puns along the way).


Johns Hopkins' very own and long-time PJ's Pub Trivia Night Host, Noah Guiberson (A&S '15), got his start writing and hosting trivia in the rugged pub quiz circuits of Baltimore and New York. A neuroscientist by day, he seeks to answer the greatest trivia question of them all: How does the brain work? You can follow Noah on Instagram @arksandsciences

Rob Frawley is a long-time trivia host with a Ph.D. in orthopedics and cell biology. He works with BioBus, Inc. delivering science to NYC schools with a bus full of microscopes, amazing samples, and funny games. He spends the rest of his time swimming and waiting for it to be Pi Day. You can follow Rob @SweaterVestSci

Emily Cost is a research scientist studying lung cancer immunotherapy and metastasis. When she's not pipetting pink liquids or spouting off spider facts, you can find her reading, practicing science communication skills, or tending to an ever-expanding family of houseplants.

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