Seniors & Young Alumni Leadership Symposium

40 Young Alumni. 80 Seniors. 1 Day.

Each year, the Symposium presents an opportunity for Johns Hopkins seniors to interact with recent alumni in small group settings, larger Q and A breakout sessions, and a networking hour. In 2019, Symposium was held at The Charles Commons with a private afternoon networking event at Bird In Hand and breakfast and lunch catered by The Food Market.

In 2019, seniors were invited to apply to interact with alumni from industries including:

AI & Machine Learning, Financial Analysis, Consulting, Film Production, Journalism, Advertising, Big Tech, Law, Threat Analysis, Psychology, Medicine, Art, Engineering, Government, Healthcare, Teaching and others!

The heart of Symposium is its unique and meaningful 1:1 interactions that cannot be found at other networking events where participants are not able to spend the day together or may be largely outnumbered. In years past both students and alumni have raved about the opportunity to interact and learn from one another and mentorships have been formed that last anywhere from the day to long beyond.



Class of 2021 Symposium

Date: Spring 2021

Location: Virtual

Apply Now

Questions can be directed to William Archer or Jenn Fisher.


  • “The Symposium brought together a group of people who were remarkable in their ability to be frank and open with each other.”
  • “The connection we were able to make with the facilitators is an amazing part of the symposium!”
  • “I learned more about myself and am more confident about my decisions post graduation and look forward to the challenges.”
  • “Thank you for the wonderful Leadership Symposium. The reflective exercises and the wonderful new connections came at the perfect time in my life. To me, the experience was truly invaluable. I cannot express enough how happy I am that I was invited.”
  • “This symposium was of equal value to me as it was to the students. As I am in the heat of the transition period from college to real world, I had answers, epiphanies, etc, but needed to realign my values and in every sense, refocus.”
  • “I learned that others had similar experiences to me — some of my struggles/hurdles are the same as what others have experienced, and it's reassuring to know that.”
  • “I really enjoyed being there and meeting so many impressive undergrads with truly innovative ideas. It was also great to reconnect (and to meet)...other young alumni.”
  • “I learned I really do have a lot to give back, and students can learn from my experiences.”