Launch of the Public Service/Social Concern Affinity Group at Johns Hopkins in Action Day

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Public Service/Social Concern Affinity

We are building a new Affinity Engagement Group focused on public service/social concern, drawing those in the Hopkins community together to create, strengthen, and connect existing networks. We want to seize the opportunity that the Johns Hopkins in Action Day offers to jumpstart this community, and we invite you to join our effort by doing some service at the same time.

Join alumni Jon Smeton '14 and Chumin Gao '14 for a morning of serivce with The 6th Branch. A group that utilizes the leadership and organizational skills of military veterans in community service initiatives. Join us for light constructing and/or landscaping, tree care, and other gardening activities, including trash removal. (Work gloves will be provided.)

Once the hard work is complete we wil head to a local "watering hole" for some refreshments and socializing.

To register please look for The 6th Branch site on the form.