Wednesday, January 29, 2020

  • Sponsored by the Music, Art, & Medicine Affinity

    A Celebration of Science & Art featuring Images from Science 3

    Join the Johns Hopkins Community as we welcome the Images from Science 3 exhibition to the Turner Concourse. At this opening reception, Denis Wirtz, Vice Provost for Research, will welcome you to celebrate the intersection of Music, Art, and Science. We'll hear from Norman Barker, curator of the exhibition on why science IS art and from just a few of the other groups at Hopkins that are integrating the arts with science in their work. 

    The reception opens at 4 pm.

    Remarks begin at 6 pm.

    Images from Science 3 was organized to celebrate the production of extraordinary images featuring science. At its core mission, the project wanted to explore the interface of science, technology, art, design, and communication. Science images unlike most other genres of images rarely find their way into art museums. Images from Science 3 was designed to identify and showcase up to 75 extraordinary examples of both still and moving images that reveal science in new and unique ways. Similar to past projects, it used the Internet as its primary voice to promote IFS 3 but this exhibit also features computer-generated images (CGI) including animations and illustrations. The organizers hoped to include student images as a part of the exhibition as well. The images that comprise the exhibition were selected by an international panel of experts from around the world.

    Beer, Wine, and lite fare will be provided.

    Our Speakers

    Norman Barker, M.S., M.A., R.B.P., (Education '85) Professor of Pathology & Art as Applied to Medicine, Images from Science co-organizer, Opening Remarks & Introduction about the exhibit, how the touring exhibit evolved and catalog were put together and how the images were selected.

    Cory  Sandone (Medicine '86), Professor and Director of the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine will provide commentary on the inherent beauty of scientific subject matter and the power of illustration and animation to transcend language barriers and communicate scientific content.

    Susan Magsamen, Founder and Executive Director of the International Arts & Mind Lab will describe how humans' unique response to aesthetic experience can amplify human potential.

    Sarah Hoover (Peabody '08), Associate Dean for Innovation, Interdisciplinary Partnerships, and Community Initiatives, will describe the innovative ways that music & medicine are intertwined at the Center for Music and Medicine.