Tuesday, November 12, 2019

  • Sponsored by Hopkins Lifelong Learning

    The standard view of creativity is one of constant brainstorming punctuated by sudden flashes of genius - it is not something you can be intentional or methodical about. This webinar will disprove this, explain how flashes of genius actually happen and provide ways any creator can increase their odds of having one. The webinar draws on two years of research by Allen Gannett for his popular book The Creative Curve. Allen has interviewed dozens of the world's leading creatives such as celebrity chefs, multi-platinum musicians, billionaire entrepreneurs, and fine artists in addition to the leading scientists and academics who study the field of creativity. Four patterns emerge from the research—The Four Laws of The Creative Curve—that all creatives engage in. This webinar will give a sneak peek into Allen's research and a look at how you can leverage it to be more creative in your life and work. 

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  • Sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association

    Join JHU alumni and friends for a fun evening at Pinstripes in Washington, D.C. We have our own bowling lanes, food from the bistro, and drinks. Come unwind with us on November 12th!

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