Wednesday, October 30, 2019

  • On the Road with JHU


    Join fellow alumni, parents, and friends when Johns Hopkins University comes to San Francisco! Enjoy a cocktail reception at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco, hear from President Ronald J. Daniels about what's next for Johns Hopkins, and attend thought-provoking presentations by Patricia Janak and Paul Ferraro.



    Our Speakers



    Paul Ferraro, PhD

    Environmental and Resource Economics

    Carey Business School
    Department of Environmental Health and Engineering, Whiting School of Engineering & Bloomberg School of Public Health. 

    Ferraro’s research focuses on building a credible evidence base about the environmental and social impacts of public and private programs. Combining the approaches of epidemiologists, with their naturally occurring data, and clinical trial health scientists, with their randomized controlled trials, Ferraro seeks to identify the causal links between the actions we take to improve our world and the impacts of those actions.


    Patricia Janak, PhD

    Associative Learning and Addiction

    Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences
    Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience, School of Medicine


    Neuroscientist Patricia Janak studies the biological basis of behavior and associative learning, with a particular focus on addiction.