Alumni Council Committees 2020-2021

The work of the Alumni Council is accomplished by standing committees and ad hoc committees appointed as necessary. The committees are composed of members of the Executive Committee and the Alumni Council at large. Committee work is accomplished through regular teleconferences throughout the year and at the annual Leadership Weekend meeting in October.

Awards and Nominations

Brian Fruchey, Bus '08, co-chair
Ralph Hruban, Med '85, co-chair

Determines the slate for Alumni Association awards for presentation to the Executive Committee and evaluates the process for determining award recipients.  Approves a slate of candidates for appointment to the Alumni Council, the Executive Committee and Alumni Council officers. Prepares a slate of nominees to be presented to the Board of Trustees for Alumni Trustee positions.

Communications and Digital Engagement

Claudia DeCarlo, Bus '15, co-chair
Mike Waters, Engr '06, co-chair

Identifies and executes both internal and external communications plans for the Alumni Council and the Alumni Association.

Student and Alumni Engagement

Janice Bonsu, A&S '15, co-chair
Braphus Kaalund, Peab '02, co-chair
Mary Simonsen, Ed student, co-chair

The roles of this committee will be both consultative and programmatic. Provides advice and input to the Alumni Council and to specific committees as was requested in connection with potential, proposed, or ongoing Alumni Council efforts. With the approval of the Executive Committee, this committee will pursue and develop specific student engagement initiatives, to be implemented independently or in cooperation with other Alumni Council Committees. Student representatives from all nine divisions of the University serve on this committee.

Student Grants

Reggie Bannerman, Nurs '97, '02, co-chair
Mike Pryzby, Engr '09, co-chair

To contribute to meaningful student experiences, leading to enduring relationships among students, alumni, and the University. The Student Grants Committee will accomplish this through the allocation of Alumni Association grants to organized student groups for their selected activities that enhance inclusive academic, extracurricular, and student-life experiences and relationships on campus, and within our local, regional, and global communities