2018 Recipients of the Heritage Award

David D. Celentano, A&S ’72, BSPH ’75, ’77
David Celentano is an internationally recognized scholar known for his seminal contributions to the epidemiology and prevention of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections. Currently, he is Professor and Charles Armstrong Chair of the Department of Epidemiology, with joint appointments in the departments of International Health; Health, Society and Behavior; and the School of Medicine. In addition to mentoring students at the School, he supports doctoral students from Abu Dhabi, UAE.
William W. Eaton, BSPH Faculty
A leading expert in the field of psychiatric epidemiology, William W. Eaton, PhD, led the Department of Mental Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health for nine years. He served as interim chair of the former Department of Mental Hygiene from 2001 to 2003 and was named chair in 2004, a role in which he honorably served until 2013, bringing new insights and strengths to each division.
Jeri A. Fellerman, Bus ’99
Jeri Fellerman is Executive Vice President and Senior Credit Officer at EagleBank. She is a founding member of the Dean’s Alumni Advisory Board (DAAB), having recently served as Chair. Under her Chairmanship, the DAAB established an endowed scholarship, created a mentorship program, and strengthened the work of the board committees in partnership with the top priorities of Carey.
Richard S. Frary, A&S ’69, Trustee
Richard Frary, a Manhattan-based real estate investor and developer, has worked tirelessly for his alma mater for more than 35 years, culminating in his 12-year stint on the Board of trustees, making important contributions on the buildings and grounds committee and serving as Vice Chairman from 2006 to 2013. With his passion for rare books, he has served on the advisory board of the Sheridan Libraries for 20 years and as its chair since 2001.
Claire and Allan D. Jensen, A&S ’65, Med ’68, Peab Advisory Board
Although their careers are in the medical field, Allan Jensen and his wife Claire are avid music supporters and have been strong supporters of Peabody. They endowed a scholarship at Peabody to help give opportunity to aspiring singers and have been sponsoring at least one Peabody main stage opera each year for the last 10 years. Claire was a co-chair of the Friends of Peabody and Allan currently sits on the Peabody Institute Advisory Board.
Steven M. Kaye, A&S ’81
Steven Kaye has a 30 year history of Johns Hopkins support and volunteering, including the Second Decade Society, the Dean’s Advisory Board, and the Center for Financial Economics Council where he is currently the Chair. Steve has served on several reunion alumni committees, has been a member of the alumni council and has been intimately involved in his regional alumni chapter in Boston.
Paula Kent, Nurs ’01, ’05
Paula Kent is a Patient Safety Specialist with the Strategic Partnership team at the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality and the Johns Hopkins Hospital. She has a background in nursing at the Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Surgery where she worked as a nurse and manager, and has spent the last 10 years in Patient Safety.
Paul Matlin, Peab ’70, ’72, Bus ’81, Engr ’84
Paul Matlin is an alumnus of three divisions of Johns Hopkins. Currently, he serves on the Executive Committee of the Society of Peabody Alumni (SPA), the Johns Hopkins University Alumni Council, and as chair of the Student Life Committee. Previously, he has been involved with the Society of Engineering Alumni, and was also past president of the Baltimore Chapter of the JHU Alumni Association, a position through which he championed increased cross-divisional engagement.
Jill E. McGovern, SAIS Advisory Board
Dr. Jill E. McGovern has been involved with Johns Hopkins University in a variety of roles across the institution for over four decades, currently serving as a member of the Rising to the Challenge Campaign Cabinet, the Evergreen Campaign Committee, the Peabody National Advisory Council, and the Johns Hopkins SAIS Board of Advisors. In addition, as co-chair of the SAIS Legacy Circle, Dr. McGovern is a strong advocate for planned giving and freely shares her values of giving back and leaving a lasting impact on the next generation.
Joseph N. McGowan, Ed ’04
Joseph McGowan is a retired Baltimore County Police Department official, Bethlehem Steel executive and former director of the JHU School of Education’s Public Safety Leadership Program. McGowan supervised the inception of JHU's Secret Service partnership in 2002, providing executive development programs for the agency. Under his tenure, Hopkins conducted the Leadership and Organizational Behavior, First Line Supervisors Training, Ethics and Integrity, and Strategic Thinking and Planning programs.  
Joseph C. Pistritto, Engr ’79, ’80
Joseph Pistritto recently retired from Google as the SRE Engineering Director in the San Francisco office he served as Site Lead. Currently, Joseph chairs the JHU Department of Computer Science External Advisory Board, and as an alum,  has been a generous contributor to both The Joseph C. Pistritto Scholarship Fund and the Masson Fund.